Providing Support in Life Challenging Circumstances

I assist and guide each individual client along their journey in improving, preparing, challenging and fighting the serious and difficult life issues they are facing, such as a cancer diagnosis, other serious conditions or life changing circumstances, in a practical, knowledgeable and caring way. 

Improving meaning:

Assess current personal circumstances, identifying areas for urgent or latent changes and improvements with the aim to avoid future medical conditions. This will form the basis for a personal plan of action for a time period, with the focus on changing habits and creating optimum personal health and wellbeing.

Preparing meaning:

Having complete awareness of the condition, an understanding of what treatments are available, and to create a positive mind-set. This will include taking responsibility for the management of a plan, adjusting lifestyle to match the challenges to come including improvement of mental strength, fitness and dietary factors amongst others, and having the greatest possible expectations for becoming the pilot of the journey instead of being a passenger.

Challenging meaning:

Commence at the earliest opportunity with a realistic modus operandi, taking the best stance for the fight to come and to continue to adjust lifestyle accordingly. Focusing on mastering the internal and external struggles and overcoming obstacles. 

Fighting meaning:

Becoming the warrior not a worrier, making decisions in life that best support the circumstances, treatments and medical condition, with a view to achieving the best possible outcome. 


Good to see you and delighted that you are visting! Here is little bit about me.

Originally from Germany, I lived and worked in the UK and South Africa for a long time before I moved to New Zealand in 2019. It is a bit hard to put me in a single box, but my professional background is in business management, finance and IT. A serious medical diagnosis encouraged me to support clients on their own journey to overcome difficult situations.

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