A proven and easy way to remove personal limitations and create an authentic, fulfilled and happy life.

A proven and easy way to remove personal limitations and create an authentic, fulfilled and happy life.

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Read a popular article


What people say?

Gisa is a lovely, caring and knowledgable practitioner, and she always takes the time to genuinely connect and I feel that she genuinely cares about what my thoughts and feelings are. I have complete trust in her.
Gisa is very intuitive and insightful, and I left every session with something to think about. She was a steady, reliable presence during a hard time in my life, which was really important as I have trouble trusting that people are going to show up for me.
Gisa is a calming presence. She guides her healing sessions with compassion and competence. I felt safe and supported and knew I was in capable hands for our time together. Thank you Gisa.
Sessions with Gisa were always gentle but powerful, well paced and never rushed. Her blend of empathy and humour made me feel very safe and supported. She always remembered details about my life and from previous sessions, and even referred to my beloved dog by name.
Gisa is really in touch with people and how they think, she has helped me a lot to face my demons and to heal myself, I would recommend her help and healing ways to anyone!

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Root Cause Therapy is a transformational healing method that quickly identifies a person’s limiting beliefs and blocks, and the root cause event of those. It works on releasing the emotions attached to the root cause event and all other events connected to it, and frees the person from the attachments to those. It therefore assists with the removal of fears, obsessions, unhealthy habits, addictions etc and helps with the improvement of overall mental wellbeing. 

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