2021 – Where Do We Go From Here?

Gisa Ellis
The Founder of Gisa Ellis Consulting

The whole world was keen to put 2020 to bed and start afresh in 2021, hoping that things will magically change and resolve in the New Year. It is not a surprise considering what we all have been through in 2020, and we all need hope for a bright future. No better moment then when kicking the old year in the dumps, and kissing the new year hello, like a new love filling us with excitement and juicy expectations.

We want to forget in this moment, that we are clinging to a self-appointed minute in time which would have no meaning to us if we were Chinese or for example (they traditionally celebrate Chinese New Year in the first week of February). Looking in the future from this one moment, we believe anything and everything is possible. Dreams can be achieved, changes can be made, love can be found and mistakes can be rectified.

Indeed, we can hope that Covid-19 will magically disappear, Donald Trump will come to his senses and we will win the lottery for example. There is nothing wrong with that, if it gives us a few happy moments and the joy of anticipated new beginnings. After all, life should be about dreams, happiness and fulfilment!

As long as we manage to come back to the reality of things, when the giddiness has dissipated, that dreams are realised by those who work for it, changes are made by the bold, certain people and things are what they are and luck is self-made to a certain degree. As the famous golf pro Gary Player once said: ‘The more I practice, the luckier I get.’

Maybe it is this we can take away from the Covid-19 year 2020 into our future: to be responsible for our own happiness and wellbeing, to roll with the punches, to live in the moment, to take nothing for granted but take up prayer, to care for others and have a heart full of love and gratitude despite it all.



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