7 Things To Remember About Nutrition

Gisa Ellis
The Founder of Gisa Ellis Consulting

Lots is being said about nutrition and diets, and who would not get confused when trying to decide which path to follow. Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Atkins amongst others? Not to mention the effort it takes to fit some of these diets into your life and lifestyle.

Time to get back to basics and look at what nutrition is all about. Below are 7 points to remember when evaluating what you put in your mouth.

You Are Unique

Your needs and requirements are unique and depend on various factors, from your age, genetics to your environment, amongst others. No diet is perfect for everyone. Best to test what works for you, maybe even trying to leave certain foods out for a while and see how you feel. 

Nutrition Is Not 

a set of rules or a ‘must’ to follow of a specific diet. It is simply giving yourself the best possible nutritional intake that allows your body to be as healthy as possible. 

Your Nutrient Intake

must promote your optimal mental and physical performance and emotional balance. The basic principles of it must be associated with the lowest chance of getting ill and the highest chance to live a long life.

Anti Nutrients

are for example chemicals and pesticides in food, genetically modified foods, fried foods, sugar, pharma drugs and ‘bad’ water. Avoid were possible, that alone will make a big difference.

Raw Is Best

Food closest to nature is the best! Say for example if it comes straight from the garden or the tree without being treated with pesticides or chemicals or being processed, you have the best chance to put the best nutrients into your body. Stick with it as much as possible!

For Your Optimum Nutrition

you need to analyse your diet, but also your biochemical status, your lifestyle and any symptoms you might have. That gives you a pretty good picture where you are at and what you need to change.


plays a big role in life and in nutrition as well. Healthy foods can be yummie, but so can be unhealthy ones. If you eat the healthy yummie ones most of the time and feel good about yourself, you can occasionally can have some unhealthy ‘treats’ as well. Enjoy them without guilt!

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