Hi, I am Gisa,

I work with professional clients who are (secretly) struggling with their mental wellbeing affecting their professional and personal life including their relationships, so that they can make the necessary changes to live an authentic, fulfilled and happy life.

Amongst other modalities, I use a method called Root Cause Therapy which quickly identifies personal limiting beliefs, establishes the root cause event of those and helps to release and heal them. This enables the client to see their life from a different and clearer perspective. Based on the new outlook I support the client to create and implement changes that will lead to a more fulfilled life.

In my work I draw on my life experiences and the many challenges I experienced on the way as well as on my long term involvement in international business and education.

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Root Cause Therapy is a transformational healing method that quickly identifies a person’s limiting beliefs and blocks, and the root cause event of those. It works on releasing the emotions attached to the root cause event and all other events connected to it, and frees the person from the attachments to those. It therefore assists with the removal of fears, obsessions, unhealthy habits, addictions etc and helps with the improvement of overall mental wellbeing. 

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