Are Your Emotions Playing Tricks On You?

Gisa Ellis
The Founder of Gisa Ellis Consulting

It is great to have emotions, they make you feel alive! Imagine your world without being able to feel joy, love, happiness and gratitude, how grey your life would be! Even negative emotions like sorrow, grief or anger have their place. How would you know that something is wrong without feeling anger, or how important something or someone was for you without feeling sorrow or grief. And coming out of a state of feeling negative emotions makes you appreciate positive emotions so much more!

But there are probably also emotions you experienced in your life that you would have rather not felt. For example during a darker phase or experience in your life when things did not go well, and you experienced great anxiety, fear and frustration for example. When you moved on from this you anticipated that you left all these emotions behind you. What you don’t realise is that these emotions, even though you experienced them a long time ago, can still affect you in a very subtle and damaging way today. How is that?

When you experience an emotion and the thoughts and physical sensations that come with it, you usually process the emotion and let it go. Once you have sucessfully processed the emotion and moved on, it won’t cause you any issues in the future.

However, sometimes you experience overwhelming and strong emotions which you can’t process and let go, that is when these emotions become trapped. Even if you consciously don’t remember a painful event, your unconscious mind still stored the event and the emotions attached to it.

When emotions become trapped, it means you are stuck in the middle of the traumatic event you experienced. Instead of moving on, you retain the negative emotion of anger, grief, fear or frustration for example in your body, which can bring you physical, emotional and mental stress.

This might cause you to relive these emotions over and over again in unrelated events and react in inappropriate ways when you are triggered somehow. You might create unhealthy beliefs, coping mechanisms and habits to numb the pain of the emotions still present in your life, even though you might not even be aware of them. Even if you do eventually become aware of destructive patterns, you most probably don’t know how to resolve them and create a way forward.

This can affect your present life and future profoundly and it can create immense frustration and a feeling of not being in control of your own destiny. Fortunately, there are very effective ways how to deal with this and to get rid of these trapped emotions for good, and quick as well. In my work I have seen tremendous results using the Root Cause Therapy as well as the Emotion Code, with patients finally feeling free of their past in a few sessions and being able to create a life based on what they truly want instead of being controlled by their trapped emotions.

The positive changes will not only affect the client’s own life, but also the life of people around them like their loved ones, family, friends and colleagues for example. It is truly wonderful for to see the positive and lasting changes these above mentioned methods can create.

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Root Cause Therapy is a transformational healing method that quickly identifies a person’s limiting beliefs and blocks, and the root cause event of those. It works on releasing the emotions attached to the root cause event and all other events connected to it, and frees the person from the attachments to those. It therefore assists with the removal of fears, obsessions, unhealthy habits, addictions etc and helps with the improvement of overall mental wellbeing. 

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