Cancer Support

Dealing with cancer is very stressful, whether you are diagnosed with it yourself or someone close to you. Our courses are designed to give you guidance as to what you can do to support yourself and your loved ones on this journey.

Fight Cancer Through Covid

With Covid-19 in the world and the possibilities of lockdown, infections and delayed treatments, it is even more important for cancer patients to take responsibility and work on strengthening their immune system and their mental strength themselves. This course gives practical suggestions what you can do to do support yourself.

The Cancer Program

A 3-month interactive course supporting you in dealing with a cancer diagnosis, finding the way forward, developing a supportive mental state and choosing the right individual pathway to handle with the new life situation. The course can be combined and supported with one-on-one consulting sessions.

Master Your Challenges – Mental Strength

A mini course to introduce the concept of mental mastery as the foundation of life and wellbeing. Teaches you tools to enhance your mental strength, coping mechanism, mindfulness, focus and calmness.


Fight Cancer Through Covid

The Prevention Course

The Immunity Boosting Kickstart