Since establishing Gisa Ellis Course and Consulting Programs, we have always been clear that our goal is to support busy, professional people to deal with challenging situations and to work with them on increasing their overall wellbeing and contentment in life.

Our programs are for people who are looking for practical suggestions and are prepared to take responsibility and action. Our aim is to create a safe space where integrity and trust are not only words but backed up by action.

We offer a range of course and consulting packages covering all areas of wellbeing, mental strength and personal growth. Our clients either choose self-paced courses of different sizes, consulting packages or a combination of both. We constantly add more content with the aim to provide a comprehensive offering for our clients to choose from.

This includes building a membership offering and a directory we are currently busy with to connect clients with each other and suitable professionals.

You can find more information via www.gisaellis.com or you can email us via ask@gisaellis.com

We deliver our course consulting packages online via our fully automated consulting and course platforms set up to make the experience for our clients as user friendly and easy as possible, from the comfort of their chosen location.

Our platforms and offerings are set up for global reach. Our business is is registered in the UK, but we are currently working out of offices in New Zealand.

We have integrity

We say what we mean, we mean what we say and we honour our word. We believe in truth, fairness and win/win.

Excellence is our normal

We give our best, we see obstacles as opportunities, believe in thinking out of the box and get the job done.

We encourage, bring hope and light

Life is tough and hard to deal with sometimes. We aim to bring hope and make people’s life brighter; we want you to believe in yourself and your inner strength.

Sharing is caring

We want to share our experiences and knowledge to make your life easier and to help you find your way forward.

We charge in USD as we are an international business and find it is the easiest currency to work in.

You can get in touch with us via email or text. Please keep in mind that we are working on Auckland/New Zealand time, which is GMT +13. 

We aim to respond within 2 business days maximum.

Email: ask@gisaellis.com

Phone NZ: +64 22 4671449

Phone UK: +44 77 95565229

Root Cause Therapy is a transformational healing method that quickly identifies a person’s limiting beliefs and blocks, and the root cause event of those. It works on releasing the emotions attached to the root cause event and all other events connected to it, and frees the person from the attachments to those. It therefore assists with the removal of fears, obsessions, unhealthy habits, addictions etc and helps with the improvement of overall mental wellbeing. 

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The Immunity Boosting Kickstart