Providing Support in Life’s Challenging Situations

With my wellbeing and lifestyle programs, I assist and guide each individual client in dealing with challenging life circumstances, issues and changes they are facing in a practical, knowledgeable and caring way. 

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The Founder of Gisa Ellis Consulting

Good to see you and I am delighted that you are visiting! Here is a little bit about me:

Originally from Germany, I lived and worked in the UK and South Africa for a long time before I moved to New Zealand in 2019. It is a bit hard to put me in a single professional box, but my original background is in business management, finance and IT (more about me here).

I am entrepreneurial, innovative, love a challenge, and enjoy finding and implementing innovative solutions. Generally considered as easy going, positive and a good mentor and coach, I can also be impatient and stubborn when I encounter someone who is big headed or unfair. My integrity and my values are of utmost importance to me and I enjoy seeing people succeed. As I find it is too miserable being miserable, I love to see the funny side in things and have a laugh.

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